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Montana Chapter Mission:

To be a valuable resource for the professional development of healthcare finance professionals in the state of Montana through affordable, high quality education, networking, peer-to-peer relationships and mentoring programs

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I would like to take this opportunity to let you know a little about me as your President of the Montana Chapter of HFMA.

I was born and raised in Miles City, MT on a ranch southeast of town. I went to college at Black Hills State University and returned here where I continue to live on a ranch with my husband of 11 years. We have three children 8, 5 and almost 2!

I work at Holy Rosary Healthcare in Miles City and have for 11 years. I have been in a variety of roles including Finance, but am currently the Patient Access Director.  

With that said I would like to introduce you to the National HFMA theme for 2016-2017 year which is


I recently attended the Leadership Training Conference where we were introduced to this theme – it definitely seems appropriate to not only my life but the HFMA organization as a whole. Are we doing just enough to get by or are we working to Thrive?

Maybe doing the same thing we have always done is easy – but it isn’t the path to greatness for me. I want to thrive, I want to push the boundaries, I want to leave a legacy.

National’s Thrive theme was created by our National Chair, Mary Mirabelli.  Mary states,  “To remain relevant and thrive in today’s environment, we must continue to look for ways to grow our membership base while also seeking new ways to bring value to our current members. And like its members, HFMA must be courageous in the face of change and be willing to try new things.”


Healthcare is constantly changing. It’s not enough to survive in the environment we work in, we have to be ready to accept change to build and grow and broaden our viewpoint. We must try to be better, to Thrive so we don’t get swept away. If we are unwilling to change, we will be left behind in this fast paced environment. I feel the same for Montana HFMA. While we have been operating well in recent times, I think to really Thrive, we need to think outside the box.

During this time HFMA Montana and National is challenged to look at improving membership, creating new educational opportunities, and diving further into the electronic age we live in.  

We as your board are working on improving our technology to accommodate and attract all generations of the healthcare family to make it much easier for you to access information.  We have already started this with electronic evaluations this spring, as well as a new way to register for our conferences. We have been working on new educational opportunities with a different structure where we try to communicate and look at best practices. I believe that to leave a bigger legacy, I will work to Thrive in this environment. I want your feedback and ideas so that we can grow and improve.


Possibly we should all take a second and think are we simply surviving or would we rather Thrive?




Marci Mollman, MT HFMA President