President's Message

Carla Neiman, President

HFMA MT Chapter President, Carla Neiman


Greetings Montana HFMA!


I began my year as President of the Montana Chapter of HFMA June 1, so here we are nearly three months into my year and I am writing my first message to the membership. I am very grateful for the opportunity to go through the chapter leadership chairs, and particularly proud to assume this office at a time that our chapter is growing and thriving.


Marci Mollman and I had the pleasure of attending the Annual Conference (formerly ANI) in Las Vegas in June, where our chapter was recognized with several awards. I think most notable among the awards we received was a Platinum Award for education. The Montana Chapter provided an average of 38 hours of education per member during 2017-18. This compares to an average of 17.5 hours among all HFMA chapters nationwide and ranks #3 among 79 chapters with only Kansas and Wyoming posting slightly better numbers.


Our chapter’s Board of Directors gathered on July 12 for our Annual Meeting, where we agreed on our plans for the coming year. One of our first tasks was to review and update our Mission Statement. Those of you who attended Megan McIntyre’s presentation at the Spring Conference in Missoula may remember that she had us play the “telephone game” with our former mission statement. This activity reinforced the fact that our mission statement was unwieldy and badly in need of an update. So… I’m happy to announce we have a new mission statement for the Montana Chapter of HFMA:


                “Montana HFMA…A valuable resource for the connection and development of Montana’s

                Healthcare professionals.”


This reformulation of our mission focuses on two points that we all felt were the true essence of Montana HFMA. First of all, “connection” speaks to bringing people together. This is particularly important in a very large, mostly rural state like Montana. We have a great history of collaboration in this state, with our payers and business partners joining our providers, many of whom travel a great distance to participate in our educational conferences. Connecting the “three circles” of hospitals, health plans, and physicians is one of the primary focuses of our national organization. Secondly, the word “development” speaks to our ongoing efforts to help our members grow in their careers, through education, certification and the networking that is so valuable to us all.


This newsletter is the result of some of the planning that the chapter board has done over the last year or so. It represents a fresh new approach to member communications. Our goal is to implement a monthly news blast in email format. We hope that it will be more relevant, timely and convenient, while providing better value to our members. I hope you enjoy it, and we welcome your feedback!

Carla Neiman - August 2018