Membership & Certification

We welcome you to become a Member of the Montana Chapter of HFMA!

HFMA is the nation's leading personal membership organization for healthcare financial management professionals. The Montana Chapter is recognized as the primary professional and educational resource to individuals who seek excellence in healthcare financial management.

Our Chapter newsletter, The Bottomline, is published four times a year. The national periodical, HFM, is published once a month and mailed to all HFMA members. We offer two-day Spring and Fall Conferences, each in conjunction with a half-day government and payer update. The workshops are strategically located to provide convenient access for our geographically dispersed members.

Networking is among the most highly valued opportunities cited by members. Not only will you have the opportunity to forge new friendships, but will develop relationships that will become invaluable when you need help in solving problems or implementing new ideas that help meet the challenges of the ever-changing healthcare industry. By meeting together our members gain access to a wider variety of events, and those important relationships can often be a critical link in the hospital operational structure.

Do I need to be a Member?

Non-members are quite welcome. However, membership assures your listing for Chapter communications, and National educational offerings. Membership shows your support and commitment to HFMA. A portion of your National dues is shared with the Montana Chapter to assist in providing quality education and services. Membership also offers you a path for developing your personal leadership skills and options for professional Certification.