Chapter Committees

COMMITTEES  2015 - 2016

Committees are the backbone of the Chapter. Your involvement and commitment of time makes them a success. If you'd like more information or if you'd be interested in serving on any of these Committees, simply click on the Chairperson's name to send an email.  Along with the satisfaction of volunteering, Founders Points are earned for each Committee served.

Nominating Committee


Kim Lucke & Carla Neiman 


The Nominating committee has the responsibility for selecting members for nomination to the Board of Directors and for conducting election of officers and Board Members. Board members are elected by the vote of the general membership.

Specific Goals and Objectives

  1. Conduct the election in a timely manner and streamline the process of submitting biographies.
  2. Attempt to get at least twice as many Board candidates as there are open Board seats.
  3. Pursue members interested in leadership roles as Board members.

Task Force and Current Issues Committee


Carla Neiman & Tiffany Bradeen                         

Committee Members:
Bob Olsen,

To coordinate HFMA chapter work with MHA.

Specific Goals & Objectives

  1. Keep our membership informed of the changing factors in healthcare finance.  
  2. When appropriate, poll membership, compile data and distribute results.  
  3. Utilize Chapter newsletter to effectively reach our members.

Sponsorship Committee


Dawna Foote - Chair                
(406) 327-4188

Sponsorship Form:  icon sponsor_registration_form_2016-2017.docx (14 KB)


The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for obtaining financial, educational and human resources from interested organizations in order to support the educational and informational missions of the Chapter.

Specific Goals and Objectives
1. Maintain FY14 total dollars of sponsorship
2. Review and revise sponsorship levels to be rolled out for FY13-14.
3. Evaluate methods to receive sponsorship payments online
4. Continue to engage interaction between members and sponsors at Fall and Spring conferences

Certification Committee


Mary Smith - Chair     
(406) 444-7585                              

To increase the awareness of HFMA's certification process and the number of certified members in the chapter.  This will be achieved through education regarding the process and active recruitment of members to take the certification exam.

Specific Goals and Objectives

  1. Increase the number of certified chapter members by two.

Newsletter/Publicity Committee


Tom Bick - Chair
(406) 247-6733 

The purpose of the Newsletter/Publicity committee will be to publish the Program and Roster for the membership per the requirements of National HFMA and to produce a newsletter four times per year for the membership that will provide educational information and encourage personal and professional development.

Specific Goals and Objectives
1. Publish the MT HFMA newsletter, The BottomLine, quarterly with information the membership finds up to date and important to their individual circumstances.
2. Notify the membership of significant events and activities in our Montana chapter as well as the surrounding Region 10 chapters.
3. Inform the membership of our vendor sponsors and the many ways they support and sustain our chapter.
4. Improve the member participation in the newsletter by soliciting articles and information from all members.

ByLaws Committee


Kelly Akkerman - Chair
(406) 375-4824


The Bylaws Committee carries the responsibility for maintaining the chapter bylaws as required by national or the Montana Chapter. The Committee is to review and make recommendations of changes to the Board of Directors at the annual meeting.

Specific Goals and Objectives

1. Review the MT bylaws to the National bylaws and note any differences.
2. Ensure the Board is abiding by the bylaws for all our decisions during meetings. 

Audit Committee


Kim lucke - Chair
(406) 262-1140
The audit committee will review/audit the books of the Chapter Secretary/Treasurer at the end of the fiscal year and assist the Board to fulfill its oversight responsibilities as they relate to the financial reporting process and the internal process.

Specific Goals and Objectives

  1. Coordinate and perform annual internal review/audit of the chapter's financial statements.
  2. Establish guidelines and review procedures for performing the internal review/audit.
  3. Coordinate review of internal review/audit with a committee member who is not a board member.
  4. Review executive expenses of chapter.
  5. Review policies on sensitive payments.
  6. Review past or proposed transactions between the chapter and members of management.

Membership Committee


Scott Nelson - Chair
(406) 896-2449                             

To actively recruit and sponsor new members for participation in HFMA. Continue to actively retain our existing membership and to positively delineate the value of participation in HFMA. And, to investigate applications for membership and recommend to the President whether applicants should be accepted or declined in accordance with the provisions of Article V of the Bylaws.

Specific Goals And Objectives

  1. Membership goal for 2005 - 2006 is to maintain 200 members and strive to increase membership by 2%.
  2. Continue to solicit membership from facilities and segments of the health care industry that currently have no HFMA members.
  3. Communicate with new members and proactively encourage involvement within the chapter.

Program Committee


Carla Neiman - Chair
(406) 233-2600

Committee Members:

The Program Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating at least two Chapter educational meetings for members. Duties include selecting a location, contracting with speakers, advertising the workshop and facilitating registration to ensure a high quality educational event for the membership.

Specific Goals and Objectives

  1. To assist chapter membership by providing the highest quality education programs.
  2. To broaden the input from the membership of educational needs to assure the program is meaningful and effective. 
  3. Review current healthcare trends and issues and identify topics for program sessions.

LINK Committee

Bob Olsen - Chair

Committee Members:
Randy Nightengale
JJ Carmody
Melissa Luebeck
Shari Meissner
Steve Ballock
Paul Soukup

The LINK Committee is assisting in drafting guidelines for medical debt collection intended to improve the overall collection process, patient experience, and financial performance. These guidelines are available for review at

Web Master

Randy Nightengale
(406) 751-7175
Committe Members: